5 summer reads for you!

Well, aren’t you lucky? You’re getting 3 posts this week, and what’s the reason for my random midweek post you ask? Well, it’s because I’m doing a very special collab with the wonderful Fiona from:questionsfromateenager.wordpress.com my very first follower too if you’re interested! Go on, give her a follow!

Summer, seems too far away to think about, right? Wrong, it’s literally around the corner just as it should be, and what’s better than lying on your deckchair and reading a good book, trouble is it’s hard to find a great book – which is why I’m here to help, with 5 summer reads for you!

  1. 5 Feet Apart – Mikki Daughtry, Rachael Lippincott, and Tobias Iaconis
Image result for feet apart author

Everyone’s first reaction when I tell them to read this is ‘it’s a book?’ because of course we’ve all seen the film – mainly because Cole Sprouse stars in it, but anyway yes it is a book and a crazily emotional one too, with scenes of romance and starstruck love, to scenes of heartbreaking hospital appointments, this book will leave you wanting more.

2. Are we there yet? – David Levithan

Image result for are we there yet book david levithan

The question on everyone’s mouths during a long car journey, I’m sure, but this time it’s much more related to a trip to Italy, with a brother you don’t really get along with oh and don’t forget the holiday romance either, but this time it’s a bit different, I mean 2 brothers, 1 girl, a trip to Italy..what could possibly go wrong?

3. Truth or Dare – Non Pratt

Image result for truth or dare book

Honestly the main reason I enjoyed this book was because of the Muslim representation in there, not gonna lie! And it was so inclusive and diverse, and the storyline was captivating, imagine it, the A* student in a coma, his younger brother teaming up with a girl he barely knows to start a YouTube channel to raise money for his brother..

4. Breakdown – Sarah Mussi

Image result for breakdown sarah mussi

It’s 2084 and society has fallen to its knees (hmm is this some sort of prediction? seems about right) with a lack of everything, food, power, oh and humanity, Melissa and her nan are surviving – almost, until a gang comes into the picture and soon Melissa’s stories lead her on a journey..but she’s not sure where to exactly!

5. The Lines We Cross – Randa Abdel-Fattah

Image result for the lines we cross

You must have so many questions already, just judging by the title! ‘Lines to cross what?’ you’re probably thinking, and you’re most definitely not thinking of this book being about a Muslim refugee falling for a boy whose whole family hate immigrants are you?

the title! ‘Lines to cross what?’ you’re probably thinking, and you’re most definitely not thinking of this book being about a Muslim refugee falling for a boy whose whole family hate immigrants are you?

Remember to go and check out Fiona post and follow her, you won’t regret it! her blog post is here :5-summer-reads it’s absolutely amazing and I’m definitely going to read all the books she’s recommended!

What books do you recommend I read this summer?




9 thoughts on “5 summer reads for you!

    1. Thank you, I really hope you like the books I’ve recommended, I’d definitely give yours a read! I think Muslim representation is important as ever, especially after recent events, thanks for reading x

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  1. Loved this blog post – I always enjoy finding interesting books to add to my reading list! 🙂
    Omg, I went to see ‘Five Feet Apart’ at the cinema earlier this week.
    Oh my, I honestly lost track of how many times I cried – it’s so beautiful, tragic and heartfelt.
    Daisy xxx

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