Liebster Award ❄

Hi everyone! I hope your having a fabulous week, I know I am, and it’s been made even better, as the lovely and amazing autumn Has nominated me for the Liebster Award, please go follow her now!!

The Rules:

  1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 blogs.
  5. Notify them.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Let’s start the questions!

Questions for you:

  1. Which 3 countries do you want to visit and why?

I have always wanted to visit Australia, and the reason? It’s Troye Sivan’s hometown, secondly I would like to visit Pakistan, because of the simple reason that it’s my hometown, and it’d be pretty shameful if I didn’t go! And thirdly I’d love to go to LA, because it’s home to a whole host of my favourite celebrities, and it also seems so cool!

2. What is your favourite movie and why?

The Wizard of Oz, bet you weren’t expecting that! But it’s the truth, there’s nothing I love more than watching Dorothy singing Over the Rainbow!

3. If you could invent a flavour of ice cream what would it be?

I was going to say Oreo, but that’s already invented, I was going to say Black Forest Gateau, but that’s already invented too, is there anything still available to think of 😂 maybe a Death by chocolate flavoured ice cream! Full of every chocolate ever, wow!

4. What is your favourite dream that you’ve ever had?

I once had a dream about my future, or at least how I wanted my future to be, it was little photographs of people I’ve met and people I love and it was like my future before my eyes, the future I’ve always imagined.

5. Do you have a favourite quote?

I have hundreds! One of my favourites is ‘dreams that you dare to dream really do come true’ from the Wizard of Oz of course!

6. What do you think are the best and worst things about our generation?

The best thing: we have become the most accepting generation yet, we accept that fairytale don’t always end with a prince loving a princess, because a prince can love a prince and that’s just fine!

The worst thing: we have some sort of stigma surrounding certain topics, and that needs to be broken.

7. What is your favourite colour and why?

Rose gold! It’s just so beautiful and aesthetic!

8. A memory that makes you smile every time?

So many to choose from! My favourite would probably have to be the memories of when I was in Florida in 2013, it was just, amazing!

9. What is your earliest memory?

I can clearly remember going to a restaurant with my cousin, and he bought me a necklace, I was probably about 4 at the time, I loved it!

10. The best thing that’s happened to you?

Life. Honestly I don’t think we appreciate being alive, sounds stupid I know, but living, breathing, wow that’s the real miracle, and it’s 100% the best thing to happen to me, sure it has its ups and downs, but we learn from them.

11. Describe your dream Christmas

Waking up early to see snow on the windows, then having a hot chocolate, popping on a cosy Christmas jumper and boots, and heading outside for a early morning Christmas walk, and then coming back inside for a warm breakfast and time to open presents and then watching Christmas movies for the rest of the day! And having Mariah Carey on repeat!

The 11 facts about me? They’re the answers to my questions 🙂

I’m going to nominate 5 blogs, they are:

little mayfly

Rebecca rose

questions from a teenager

Ana regina

the caramel marshmallow

My questions for you are:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

2. What’s your favourite song and why?

3. What’s your favourite Christmas tradition and why?

4. Name one thing you think could be improved in the world? (Yep, ONE!)

5. what’s been your proudest moment?

6. What makes you happy, and why?

7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

8. Who’s your favourite celebrity and why?

9. Name your top 3 fave books

10. If you were in charge of the world for one day what would you do?

11. What’s your favourite outfit you own?

Well done guys!





15 thoughts on “Liebster Award ❄

      1. Middle eastern. I’m from… I can’t expose where exactly because of an anninimity reasons. But I’m extreamley close to your country. DO you live there? I do live in the u.S. ANd I’ll also tell you that my skin is brown.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Don’t worry of course you don’t sound racist! I think I have a tendency to surprise a lot of people when I tell them from Pakistan, because of course some people from there are very conservative, I think because I don’t actually live in Pakistan my views are more liberal x

            Liked by 1 person

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